Boarding Agreement Form
Equestrian Center Policies

USPC Members
$400.00 per month
All boarders are to provide 10 or more hours of volunteer work at or on behalf of the Center per month.
$300.00 for outside board. Requires no volunteer hours.

Note: Members may choose to opt out of volunteer hours required for any given month and pay a standard boarding fee of $500 per month

Non-USPC Members
$500.00 per month, plus sales tax

Other Services Available

Blanketing service: $50.00 per month
Application of fly spray: $10.00 per month
Handling fees: $10.00 per hour with one hour minimum charge
Handling fees consist of: vet or farrier visits and special medical needs
Notice: Boarding and service fees will be reviewed by Center Committee every 6 months.